Applications for role of: Events Manager

Role : President

Election Candidates - 2021/2022

Candidate 1


Ellie Emberson

Law Student

Modules Studied:


I hope to continue in my role as Events Manager. I have engaged with OUCAS since February this year and have been engaged with conversations surrounding events, liaising closely with the Outreach Officer to discuss possibilities for our students. 


I would like to be elected to continue to be part of the hardworking committee which sets up a wide range events for both law and business students to develop commercial awareness skills. I believe being a distance learner with the OU makes it more difficult to establish key skills for future career abilities and am therefore passionate to support in closing any possible gap at recruitment stage between traditional and OU students. 


If elected I will:-


  • Continue to assist with the planning and running of events 

  • Begin to take on overall responsibility for events by taking on communications from other busy members of the executive committee 

  • Liaise with the executive committee to ensure events are meeting the needs of members by having discussions and consultation with our membership

  • Communicate with guest speakers and relevant OU links to ensure turnout for events is maximised with events running smoothly.

Candidate 2


Becky Roberts

Law Student

Modules Studied:




Since becoming a student at the open university, I have found the events on offer from the societies extremely useful to understand what companies are looking for, what extra-curricular activities would be beneficial and just to gain some extra knowledge in the industry I am studying in. I would love to be able to arrange these events for those students who have joined the commercial awareness society as I believe they can be extremely valuable in not only providing extra knowledge but in setting students up with the tools they need to succeed after their studoes. 


I am studying law and I have worked within Human Resources for over 10 years in several different industries so I understand what students may want to know, the experience they would find useful as well as having an understanding of the industry and how to approach companies. I can use my experience to build relationships with external companies and provide useful and also fun activities and events for members of the society.


I believe I can provide valuable events to the society to set students up with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the commercial industry.