Role : President

Election Candidates - 2021/2022

Applications for role of: Vice - President 

Candidate 1


Heather Phillips

Law Student

Modules Studied:






I have been acting Vice President for the Commercial Awareness Society for the last 6 months. I have loved my time here and I would love to continue in my role.


I have lots of ideas to continue to increase exposure of OUCAS and to really bring the society to the students we represent. 

Commercial awareness is very important in the world of work and I would like to help students understand why and what it is that they need to be doing to build their knowledge in this area. 

Working to build the current committee members team has been both an amazing opportunity and has shown me how great I can be in leadership roles.

I would help to support the President in all roles keeping in open contact to be up to date with all processes and attending meetings both where necessary and where possible with the president.

The Vice President position is important to me and I feel that I’m a great fit for this position. I work well to help others in their roles and complete my own duties in a timely manner. 

Understanding the team and playing to people’s strengths are where my talents are, and I’d like to continue putting those talents to good use. 


With your vote I will bring you the OUCAS you want.