Role : President

Election Candidates - 2021/2022

Applications for role of: Secretary

Candidate 1


Gareth Jones

Law Student

Modules Studied:






I believe that in my short time as secretary, I have helped establish some formal protocols which were previously not in place due the society being in a relatively early stage of its incarnation.


This has included establishing methods of an AGM and Election which will serve the society in the years to come and that follow both its constitution and the requirements of the OU Students Association. Given the short-term nature of my tenure so far, I would like to continue to imbed these practices for the benefit of future members. 


I also believe that my involvement in the committee has brought wider benefits outside of the traditional aspects of a secretary. Through my experience and contacts in other roles, I have been able to provide opportunities to the society and would love to continue to be able to do this.