Further to the announcement made on Sunday 30th May 2021 by the OUCAS Secretary, Gareth Jones, please see below the role descriptions for each of the key roles which will be elected during our 2021 AGM. 

Please note, all of these roles are voluntary and, in accordance with the OUCAS constitution, must be filled by Full Members of the Society. Please see the constitution at https://www.oucas.co.uk/oucas-constitution for more detail.

OUCAS are a growing society and, as such, these roles will need to be filled with people who have the vision and determination to make a real difference to Open University Students. This is so much more than a CV filler and, with the right application to the roles, will provide the new committee with fantastic opportunities, both in terms of the skills developed through leading the society though such an exciting period, and in terms of the industry contacts that will be made along the way.



Responsible for the day-to-day running of the Society including, but not limited to scheduling meetings of the executive committee.,

Accountable for the finances of the Society and accountable- in respect of those finances to all Members if the Society and the Open University Students Association.

Is entitled to represent the Society at all times in matters affecting its interests, including but not limited to communicating with relevant organisations.

Primarily responsible for presenting the Society at all Meetings of the Open University Student Association.

Is entitled to chair all meetings of the Society, at which they are present.

be responsible for ensuring that all Society elections comply with the requirements set.


Vice President

The role of the Vice President is to support the President and act in the President's absence. This means more than stepping into the President’s occasional meetings, but to maintain a strategic overview and be prepared to lead with authority on key issues, both when the President is not present and in tandem.



Responsible for the finances of the Society and accountable -in respect of those finances to all Members of the Society and to the Vice President Administration of the Open University Student Association.

Responsible to the Executive Committee of the Society for all the Society's income and expenditure.

Prepares reports and estimates of expenditure and income, -under the general direction of the Executive Committee of the Society, at such times as such reports shall be required by the Vice President Administration of the Open University Student Association.



Assisting the president in the calling of all meetings.

Preparing Agendas for such meetings.

Keeping and distributing minutes of the meetings.

Receiving correspondence on behalf of the society and liaising with the Vice President of the society.

Events Manager

Assisting in the planning and running of, and taking overall responsibility for, the events the society is running. 

Liaising with  Executive committee to ensure events are meeting the needs of members.

Communicating with guest speakers, and the relevant OU departments, to ensure that all planned events run smoothly. 

Outreach Officer

Representing the Society to the wider world. This role includes responsibility for communicating with legal/business firms, chambers, and other key people to ensure that OUCAS members gain as many opportunities as possible.

Liaising with Events Manager, and wider committee, to create events using contacts made through outreach.

Media Manager

Responsible for the day-to-day online presence of the society.

Running of all Society Social Media streams.

Responsible for the creation, and management of, a social media team, when the appropriate time arises due to society growth (expected to be within next 12 months)

Business Students' Representative

Liaising with Business students to establish their needs

Feeding this back to the Executive Committee


Helping the committee to decide on what events would work best


Working with the events team to facilitate these events


Nominations Open

Monday 7th June 2021 9:00 BST – Monday 14th June 2021 17:00 BST

Any nominations received outside of this period will not be accepted.


Each candidate will need to submit an application form (below) which will include a manifesto statement of up to 500 words which will be shared with voting members. Applications will need to be sent to elections.oucas@gmail.com. All members of the Society will be eligible to stand for election, and each person can only stand for, and hold,

two positions.