Sputnik, a-ha, Saviour of the EU-niverse?

Key points for this article

· Russia’s Sputnik V Vaccine has a 92% efficacy rate

· Europe are WAY behind on their vaccination schedule

· Russians don’t seem keen on any variety of vaccine, meaning the Sputnik V doses could be distributed across Europe to dull the blushes of flailing leaders, and there is a loophole ready to be exploited!

What's the Story?

The news has been littered with stories about Europe’s vaccine failures recently, with leaders and Pharmaceutical companies flailing around, pointing fingers at each other, and doing anything to distract from the main problem – vaccines aren’t going into peoples’ arms! In fact, Europe as a whole has an inoculation rate of 6.6 per 100 of population. This sounds bad anyway but compare it to the USA (20.1) and the UK (28.3) and it looks down-right appalling! (p.s. GO UK!!!)

There is a pretty strict approval mechanism through the EMA (European Medicines Agency) for new vaccinations. There is a loophole for pandemics though, and couple of countries, Hungary and Czech Republic, are looking at exploiting this loophole to get their hands on Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine before it goes through the full approval process. It is worth remembering that Sputnik V (which IMO is an awesome name for a vaccine) has an efficacy of 92% - much higher than any of the currently approved vaccines.

This is even more interesting, because as targets aren’t being met, and leaders rush to blame everyone else, thanks to the rather emphatic smearing of the AstraZeneca vaccine by the likes of Germany and France, even when it is available, people aren’t willing to risk it – Germany are apparently only managing to administer 25% of their allocation!


So, is there a future here between the EU at large and Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine? Well, I think so. Whether it is by countries exploiting the EMA loophole, or through the Sputnik V vaccine being approved and rolled out across Europe, I really think this vaccine is the answer that is much needed across the continent. The Sputnik V vaccine has a fantastic 92% efficacy rate, but over half of Russians still don’t believe in having any variety of vaccination.

On top of this, the EU are spectacularly failing at delivering on targets, and thanks to their smearing of the AstraZeneca vaccine, they have less options available.

Finally, due to the presence of loopholes in the EMA approval process for pandemics, countries can seek to access the Sputnik V vaccine before it obtains EMA approval.

I think that other countries will follow in the footsteps of the Czech Republic and Hungary in exploiting this loophole to get access to a vaccine which, let’s face it, is highly impressive and, more importantly, likely to be freely available as the Russian public don’t want it! To be fair I did once work with someone who said that if you keep your blood at 80% Vodka, you can’t get ill….

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