Role : President

Election Candidates - 2021/2022

Applications for role of: President 

Candidate 1


Duncan Balcon

Law Student

Modules Studied:






Since taking over as President in early 2020, I have overseen some important changes to the society.


Firstly, the transferral onto a brand-new, custom built website, to allow for easier interaction with members, both through email and forums, and the ability for members to have their own members’ area.


Secondly, I have worked with my VP, and secretary, to ensure that the society meets all OUSA guidelines and expectations, and to ensure that the needs of students, both academic and pastoral, can be met by the society. 


I have also overseen the expansion of the committee, from just the core members required by the OUSA, to include an outreach officer, events manager, and media manager. This has allowed us to put on more events, tailored to our members, and to maintain a better presence and level of communication with our members.


A few months ago, I also oversaw the acquisition of the OU Business Associate Society, to prevent the society totally folding and leaving no provision for its members. In line with this, the team and I also designed a bespoke role, Business Students’ representative, to ensure that Business Students are catered for going forwards, in the best way possible. 


Going forwards, if re-elected, I will continue to lead the society to new levels of strength. I intend to expand the leadership team further to include an events team, and a social media team. This is partially to allow for the current managers to gain experience leading a team, and partially to ensure that the whole job is not left on one person, as I am aware we are all busy. 


I will also continue to push for the best events, speakers, and opportunities for our members, and am dearly looking forward to being able to put on the first “in person” events since I took over as President, at a mixture of commercial law firms, big business firms, and legal chambers. 


I will continue to engage with the OUSA, and lead on organising joint events with both the Faculty of Business and Law, and other societies, with the aim of getting the word out about OUCAS – making us no longer the “new” society within the OUSA, but a true leader in student experience.  


Finally, one thing I am very passionate about is the quality of content we put out as a society. I will be looking to expand our current blog, bringing on more contributors, to ensure the regular, quality content is delivered to our members.